Monday, March 4, 2019

We started our day at the Agriculture Research Council where we listened to and gave student presentations about agriculture research. Two of our masters students (Jessica and Amy) along with three African students gave presentations on their current research. We also toured the bull testing stations where we saw a demonstration of how they evalutate their bulls by measuring shoulder heights and scrotal circumferance. They also showed us their GrowSafe System and Calan gates used for research into feeding efficiency and average daily gain for their cattle. This visit was a really great experience and showed us a different outlook on African Agriculture.

Also at the ARC, we were shown a cave called the Big Tree Cave. Members of a South African tribe hid out in this cave from the Zulus, but unfortunately the Zulus found them.  After finding this tribe, the Zulus blew smoke into the cave to make them leave. We were able to get close enough to look down the cave, without going inside. The last place we visited at the ARC was the meat packing plant. Here we learned about the proccess of harvesting meat at their facility. We were shown several rooms within the plant where different steps are taking place in the process. We were also shown the sensory pannel where volunteers try and evaluate the food.

Finally, we hopped in the vans and headed to Trekpad. Along the way we saw beautiful scenary and many animals including baboons and impalas. After we arrived we enjoyed a wonderful meal which included delcious pumpkin pampoenpoffertije. Tommorrow we have an early morning darting animals in the South African heat wave!  

Karlie Clemens and Kennedy Vander Windt

A picture of the slaughterhouse facility at the Agricultural Research Council.

 Crossbred cattle on a research project at the Agricultural Research Council.

Nyala!  We immediately saw wildlife as we pulled into Trekpad.


  1. I am sharing our adventure with my high school students. Thank you so much for taking the time to share photos and information. Have a great experience. Laurie Kellen

  2. Thank you Laurie! Megan is having a great time.